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Welcome to Eddie DiMeglio's Collision Experts, Inc.

    • What type of vehicles do you repair?

      We repair all types of vehicles, makes and models.

    • Do I need more than one estimate?

      Some insurance companies may prefer more than one estimate, however you are not legally required to get more than one.

    • What does OEM and aftermarket mean?

      OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer or the original parts used to make your car by the manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are made by other manufacturers for your vehicle, and are usually less expensive and inferior in quality.

    • Will the repaired painted area match the paint on the rest of my vehicle?

    Yes, We have computer paint matching system, in addition to our professionally trained and very experienced paint refinisher technicians. Your car will always match the original color.

    • How do I know where to have my car repaired?

    As with other things in life, check for the obvious first, is the shop located in some warehouse garage bay? Does it look like a professional service center? Proper Insurance? Equipment?
    How long have they been in business? Proper License? These are some questions to consider before choosing a collision center. Always chose a shop you like and are comfortable with.
    Make sure there is a proven record of many years of service. Do not let your insurance company dictate to you where you should take your car to. It is your car It's your car and it is your right to have it repaired to original condition.